What is bleed and why do you need it?

Bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of the final printed piece. There is inevitably some level of shifting during the printing and trimming process, so bleed ensures that there is no unintentional white trim along the edges of your prints.

When sending print ready files, please include a minimum of 0.15'' bleed. If your file doesn't have bleed, we will do our best to get a great trim, but there will be a chance of white trim or a slightly smaller product size.

Do you offer design services?

We do! We offer graphic design and website design services starting at as little as $15. Our hourly rate is $50/hour.

What is your lead time?

From the moment we get approval to begin production, we aim for completion in 3-5 business days. Certain projects may require additional production time. If you're in pinch, don't hesitate to ask! We will always do our best to accommodate your timeline.

What file type is the best to provide?

PDF is the best file type to ensure a quality print.

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Free to use templates to make your prints perfect!

Click on the template you need, and click the download button on the top right of the new tab. Place the PDF that was downloaded in a Indesign or Illustrator document. Once opened, place the print on the inside of the red box.

Anything placed on the outside of the red box will be trimmed during the cutting process.